ChaLEAN Extreme Results: Does It Really Work?


If you’re like me, then you’re probably interested in losing a few pounds. However, the fitness scene today isn’t all about losing weight and watching the calories being consumed. Instead we’re bombarded with targeted fat loss suggestions, restrictive dietary plans, and overwhelmingly difficult workouts.

There’s no doubt that many of these programs are designed to work, but are often only usable by a few users who see the best results. This is mostly due to our genetic makeup and metabolism, which is unique to us and not shared with anybody else.

One of the newest names on the fat loss scene is ChaLEAN Extreme and many, many users have reported success. Just how successful is it? I’ve compiled the results and can safely confirm that it’s indeed a worthwhile plan. Let’s take a look at how successful it is.

What is ChaLEAN Extreme?

Most readers will likely be familiar with the fundamentals of the plan, but I’d like to take a moment to clear up a couple of misconceptions.

First, ChaLEAN Extreme is a Beachbody Company product. This name is synonymous with quality and is a mark of assurance. In order to qualify as a Beachbody product, a fitness plan or product must be put together by a group of fitness professionals and rigorously tested by an independent panel to ensure its claims are indeed valid. This is the first step to proving that it indeed works. Next, it isn’t a “complete package” per se. It is a collection of fitness DVDs that require modest fitness equipment to complete, which include differently weighted dumbbells and an assortment of fitness accessories.

So, what exactly is going on in ChaLEAN Extreme? The plan adds a hidden dimension that many cardiovascular training regimes miss: resistance training. By adding resistance to a cardiovascular workout, users will build muscle mass underneath their body fat, which helps supercharge an individual’s metabolism and accelerate the fat loss process.

It claims to offer users the ability to lose 60% of their body fat within three months and achieve visible results in as little as one month. Fortunately, this isn’t hocus pocus. Many, many users have confirmed that they indeed experienced considerable fat losses while following it. However, as with most fitness plans, there’s a but.

What Is Its Key to Success?

Included with the fitness program is a guidebook to nutrition and supplements. This is the one aspect that often goes missed by users because a lot of us incorrectly believe that exercising is the only thing required to burn fat. There is an old adage within the bodybuilding scene that says “abs are made in the kitchen”. No, it’s not a matter of doing a gazillion sit-ups and crunches, although this would certainly build the muscle underneath the body fat. Dietary changes are the key to revealing all of that effort! It’s very important to follow the tips, menus, and suggestions held within the nutrition guidebook in order to get the most out of it.


The Results Are In!

I have searched the corners of the Internet in order to compile the results of ChaLEAN Extreme. While searching, I found that very few bloggers, reviewers, and fitness enthusiasts had bad things to say about the program. This was the first good sign! However, it was the reviews on Amazon that solidified the idea of it being a program that definitely works.

In a total of 120 reviews, 81 of users would give the program a full five-star rating. This means nearly 68% of users would give it their own full recommendation. Following this are 20 users who rated it four out of five stars, which brings the overwhelmingly satisfied rating to approximately 83.5%! Only eight users of the 120 reviews left a negative review for the product and often cited no fat loss as the reason for their dissatisfaction.

I would personally question their use of the nutritional guidelines supplied with the program. Chances are, they didn’t use them!