ChaLEAN Extreme Review: How Well Does It Work?

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Working out is easy to put off, or to not put 100% of your efforts into all the time. But the ultimate gains can only be made when you truly push yourself to your personal limits when you work out. This sounds simple in theory, but knowing how to go about it right in practice can be another matter altogether. The truth is, unless you know what your muscles are doing and how you should be working them, you could be leaving gains (or possible weight loss) on the table.

What is ChaLEAN Extreme?

This is a fitness program that is instructed by trainer Chalene Johnson. The goal of the program is to help people to quickly burn fat and build toned muscles in a relatively short time frame. In fact, it is said that some people can lose up to 60% of their excess body fat in only three months. Whilst not everyone will need to lose that much weight, for those wanting to drop the pounds this is a highly appealing prospect. The key? The creator of ChaLEAN Extreme notes that you need to be prepared to work hard in order to reap the rewards. If performed correctly, it is stated that you should start noticing positive results in your body after only thirty days of commencing the workouts.

How Does ChaLEAN Extreme Get Results?

The underlying strategy for this fitness program is to increase the metabolism of participants, which should then result in faster fat burning. This is achieved by focusing on muscle building, as the core attitude of the program is that when there is more muscle, more fat will burn even after a workout. ChaLEAN Extreme comes as a set of 6 DVDs which contain a total of 15 quite intense workouts. The idea is to push people right beyond their regular comfort zone as the trainers believe this is the only way to see major positive changes to the body.


What Are People Saying About It?

There is a huge number of positive reviews out there about this program. In fact, overwhelming sentiment surrounding ChaLEAN Extreme is positive.

Some of the more interesting comments can be seen here, like this one in which the person notes how they generally hate to exercise yet found that ChaLEAN Extreme was actually enjoyable as the exercises are short yet intense, meaning not a lot of time is required to get maximum results.


There are no age limits when it comes to who can do these workouts. Erika, below, is 55 years old but enjoying the workouts on the DVDs as they provide considerable variety that has resulted in her losing weight, and achieving a younger looking, more toned body shape.


Both people who want to lose weight and those who want to simply get toned and muscular will find ChaLEAN Extreme suitable. People who wish to lose weight, like Amy below, note that she lose over 20 pounds in only two months; quite an achievement considering other weight loss programs can take much longer, and with much more drawn out workout regimes than is required for ChaLEAN Extreme.


Does ChaLEAN Extreme Really Work?

The huge number of positive and encouraging comments out there about ChaLEAN Extreme are great to see. It is easy to notice that many lives have been transformed by this product, as people of all ages, shapes, sizes and goals have benefited from the unique approach to weight loss and fitness that can be found within the DVDs. For these reasons, ChaLEAN Extreme is highly recommended for people who are serious about attaining a new body and a healthier lifestyle.

What Else Should You Know About ChaLEAN Extreme?

It is vital to know that you must be prepared to work out intensely to get the most out of this system. This is something that the creators of ChaLEAN Extreme are adamant about making clear; in short, if you are prepared to put in the sweat, then you will reap the rewards. So it simply comes down to your own motivation in order to get the most out of the ChaLEAN Extreme workouts videos!