Supreme 90 Day Review: Does It Really Work?

What Is Supreme 90 Day?

Supreme 90 Day is a complete workout system that is designed to transform your physique and the way you feel in the course of 3 months. Like P90X which is probably the most popular 90-day DVD program, Supereme 90 Day is an intense home fitness regimen which uses both exercise and nutritional plan to help you achieve your fitness goal and the body you have always wanted.

What Is In The Kit?

cropped-cropped-sport-908264_960_720.jpgSupreme 90 Day includes 10 DVD system by producer Cal Pozo with lifestyle and fitness expert Tom Holland, and Supreme Nutrition by New York Times best selling author, Tosca Reno.

You get the complete 10 DVD system by award winning producer, Cal Pozo, and Supreme Nutrition by New York Times best selling author, Tosca Reno, plus Free Online Support! The body you’ve always dreamed of is just 90 days away!

How Does It Work?

The program employs muscle confusion to speed up results. It consists of workouts that will always push you hard so your body stays challenged and you keep getting stronger.

Workouts include chest and back exercises, ultimate (stability) ball, tabata inferno (combination of plyometrics, cardio, weights, abs, and push up exercises), shoulders and arms, plyometrics, cardio challenge, legs, total body, core dynamics, back and biceps, and chest, shoulders, and triceps. Some of the exercises would seem easy to do but you will apparently be working very hard and may find yourself both hating and loving the routines.

Studio portrait of young athletic Caucasian woman doing push ups on white background --- Image by © David Katzenstein/Citizen Stock/Corbis



  • Easier to follow. While it is an intense program, it is not too difficult compared to P90X. Tom Holland will keep reminding you to exercise at your own pace. There is absolutely no pressure to keep up with the models on the video.
  • Great sequence of exercises. Workouts allow you a decent cardio effect while improving your strength and endurance.
  • Keeps you challenged. There is a great variety of workouts that you can mix and rotate. The constant changes will keep you interested since you will be doing different things every day.  No room for boredom.
  • Price. Since it is often compared to P90X and many people are saying that it is nowhere close to the Beachbody program, this factor proves that the opinion is right. Beachbody sells P90X for over $100 while Supreme 90 Day costs only $20. Clearly, the cost is its edge over its competitors and it is what makes the program more appealing to customers.


  • Diet plan does not detail the kind of nutrition you need. While it does have food suggestions and recipes, it does not elaborate the kind of nutrition you need to have.
  • Does not clearly say which fitness level it is best for. If we base it though on the intensity of the exercises, it may not be suitable for beginners although you can actually workout on your own pace.
  • No proof of clinical research. Claims that it is backed by clinical research but does not make the studies available to consumers.