Resistance Bands: Exercises & Home Workouts To Increase Strength, Endurance, Flexibility And Rehabilitate Your Entire Body!

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Resistance Bands Are A Tried And True Method Of Exercise & Rehabilatation, Highly Regarded By Physiotherapists & Athletes Alike. The Exercises, Techniques And Fundamentals Explained In This Book Will Help You Engage, Strengthen & Stretch Every Exercise In Your Body! Regardless of your gender, age or current fitness level you’re about to learn how to build a fit and healthy body without any expensive gym memberships or overhyped workout equipment. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll You’re About To Learn… A Comprehensive List & Explanation Of The Benefits You’ll Reap From Resistance Band Training Exercises With Correct Technique Explained (And Diagrams!) For Both Your Upper Body, Lower Body & Midsection Easy To Follow Resistance Band Workouts To Help You In Your Quest To Get Fighting Fit The Different Types, Colors & Styles Of Resistance Band Explained Tips & Tricks From Yours Truly For Effective Use Of Your Resistance Bands Moving On – Progression For Both Beginners & Advanced Users Much, much more!”

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