20 thoughts on “BeFiT Intensity: Ripped Arms & Legs Workout- Scott Herman

  1. Holy! Just found Scott's workouts. I will have to work at finishing this with intensity…took short breaks throughout. I thought I was in shape…think again! Looking forward to getting to the point where I can go through completely at full intensity, as well as doing more of his videos.

  2. Been really committed to working out for over 3 years now (Insanity, P90x, FitnessBlender). But still can't believe I'm on the ground sweating up a storm with this short work out. Great workout!

  3. He looked so enjoyable doing those killer workouts. Especially that plyo push ups. i wasn't ready myself and he was like 15 sec more guys, keep it up..so i had to rewind and did the thing again. OMG i am dying.

  4. This is a Killer workout, done it already twice, Right now and Last Week but could Not Finish the 4 th circuit .. I felt like vomitting

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