25 thoughts on “John Abraham Workout And Gym Diet Plan

  1. John i have always appreciated your dedication to your physical health…I am into crossfit!! I would recommend doing that if you haven't..I am in Sydney and we are really good hosts…would love to take you to my crossfit Mecca!!

  2. Hello sir
    I like ur physique n passion for gym
    I know u like to play football aswell as I do
    N I play good enough if u can get me a trial at ur club would be nice as I live in U.K. But was born in india

  3. sir,
    after watching your movie FORCE. I started going to gym and also started preparing for police service as u said in that movie "each parent want their kids to be rockstar or singer but hardly anyone wants to join police/army." That inspired me a lot.
    u r a true inspiration sir.
    thanks a ton…

  4. hii ,sir u are a role model for youths like us .You teach how to live a healthy life in discipline…..i have question which all youth face..that is how to stay in diet n how to control our emotions for eating junk food

  5. i m 5'11 100 kg 20 yr old, i m pure vegetarian…. i m not look that buff or fatty yes i m lil bit fatty but i m just big.. not that much like other 100 kg ppl look.. but i train heavy.. but now its getting boring for me.. coz i can spend only 1000-1500 per mont and my perents dont let me take supplmnts they think they're bad for helth.. i m pure veg guy.. dont even eat eggs daily.. and now my body started getting injured.. i got trichep tendon injury…. i started fucking hating my life..

  6. Hey John
    This is Taranpreet Singh. I would like to start by saying "THANK YOU" very much for finally motivating me to workout regularly without any excuses. I am on the heavier body side and since the time I have been following your videos not only my Body but also my life has become more disciplined.

    It would be if you can share some more tips and videos for people with heavier upperbody.
    Much appreciate it>

    Thank you for being an awesome MENTOR

  7. John sir i do heavy workouts i avoid fatty stuffs n sugar too bt thn to my body doesnt pump out can u help me in makeing my body like u coz i m the big fan of uaa personality n also u

  8. Hi – John,
    i have joined gym , after watching your video, m vegetarian but eat eggs, pl suggest breakfast – lunch – dinner plan & what not to eat. what to eat when go outside with friends. Thanx

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