37 thoughts on “40 Minute Full Body Workout | Beginner Strength Training | Class FitSugar

  1. Well, I tried. Took some extra breaks, but I made it through. So exhausted now! I know eventually I will be able to make it through the whole thing without stopping, just have to keep getting stronger. Those stretches at the end were AMAZING.

  2. everytime I slack off and go awhile without working out I come back to this video to get help me get back into it! I love it! its the only 40 minute workout that I can get through without dying halfway through but still get a great workout. it doesn't even feel like 40 minutes!

  3. thank you POPSUGAR fitness and I love Anna, your workouts have helped me a lot I started doing these workouts since January 13 and I was 82 kg then and now I weighed 72 kg 2 weeks ago I still hope to take it down to 65.

  4. it's the first time i tried this workout and definitely goes to my go to workout from now on! I sweat like crazy, i feel tired, sore but it didn't hurt much thanks to the cool down stretch!

  5. In the middle of doing this i was so done and i paused to drink some water and read few comments, all in which were, i died during the first 10 mins and so on, i honestly finished the video just because of them, to see how much my body can go, and i feel great that i did finish the whole thing!
    was looking forward to the stretch exercises hehe

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