43 thoughts on “Build a Booty Workout – 27 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout for a Round Lifted Butt & Great Legs

  1. Kelli, my sister has been working out to your vid for a few weeks,and she finally got me to workout with her. I just started today and I got to say that you make working out so much easier. Your wit and charm really help. Thanks to your workouts- I might have a booty this summer💖👏

  2. Thank you! I didn't feel like going to the gym today so this was a nice alternative. I like the tip about always exhale on the hardest part of the exercise because I always forget which part is inhale or exhale lol

  3. Dear Kelli, I purchased your 8-week program, and I'm thrilled! It's one of the best purchases I have made in the last couple of months 🙂 Unfortunately, I don't own any dumbells yet, instead I use two 1-liter water bottles. It was quite challenging as I was doing your arms and upper body workout, but in this, the water bottles just aren't enough. Is there any way to make this workout more challenging before purchasing dumbbells? Thank you in advance and all the best:)

  4. i feel like im doing the ski squat wrong. the front of my ankles hurts if i lean too forward and my back if i try and lean more back. i try the inbetween but i cant go as low

  5. Just wondering, if I want to retain muscle (rather than grow) how often would I have to do something like this? Used to do it 3-4 times a week. Went back to university and don't have as much time as I did in the summer to work out.

  6. just wanted to say, i came here for savage reasons and now im leaving as an educated person, as a man my manhood took over and i am ashamed. But i do wish to say you and Daniel are doing as awesome job, even yourself when you deliver this content you do it in a non-sexual way(thank you) and stay focused on the workout and you dress properly and not slutty(thanks), again very professional and very proud to support this channel, keep up the great work !!!!

  7. I know this sounds weird but I have made a playlist of 3 of your videos (on private so nobody thinks I'm a creep) and I'm so excited to be on my diet too and loose weight and actually feel good about myself!! Thank you!

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