46 thoughts on “Killer Shoulder Workout – DVD3, S61XL Mass Gain Program

  1. Scooby! Thanks so much for all your videos I've done this series many many times now! Love it! Don't get a pump like this from any other work out. PLEASE! Could you address why there is no S61XL Legs workout? Is it because you're embarrassed about your legs? You shouldn't be! You've got great legs! With love!!!!!(platonic)

  2. there's a guy here on youtube who says you can widen your' soulder BONES naturally…. I'm not sure if it's bullshit or not, if you're reading this and want a broader set of soulders take a look and please let me know what you think…. just search wider shoulder bones he has a bunch of vids… btw this isn't spam I'm not trying to promote the guy, I'm just trying to find out if it's bullshit or not. Sorry in advance if this is annoying.

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  5. good video!…I use a bandana when my hat is too wet and unsupportable. When I do the shoulder press I do the Arnold way…rotating the forearms to the centre of your chest and then opening bringing the shoulders back again before lifting….I think is good because you reset the position of the shoulders back and low in every set….what you think?

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  8. I feel like I have way more muscle mass in the front/top area of my shoulders, but not as much in the rear area…should I pull my shoulders back a bit more when I do presses or is there another exercise?

  9. @JimmyGunXD556 When you are training in the traditional way usually 5 reps would be to few, but he when he is doing very very many sets in a row like here, in a way he is doing 100 reps in a row and not just 5, you get the idea, right? So normally yes, but supersets (different excercises for the same muscle) is kinda different. If you plan to try this there is nothing wrong with the traditional 8 – 12 reps per set though!

  10. I injured my right shoulder during snowboarding but i didn't check it up with a doctor until 3-4 month after. My doctor said i cracked my shoulder just a little bit but my body healed over it by the time I checked it out. I love to box but I can feel it everytime i swing.

    I really am lost with what to do.
    What should I do to help it? Can I continue practicing boxing? What can I do to strengthen it?
    Yeah i'm kind of freakin' out haha.

    P.S. You make salsa sound much more awesome.

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