35 thoughts on “20 Min. At Home Interval Cardio HIIT Workout for Runners | 20 Min. Quick HIIT #12

  1. spring break an its raining! Don't have space to run outside but this helped a lot since I jump right into track practice again nextmonday!!!!!! THANKS

  2. Because of exams I'm not being able to go on morning runs. And to make up for that I'm following this. I just came back from my maths exams and I'm hella tired. Fell asleep, got up and started doing this and I'm like "How does he talk so much?" You have no idea how tired I am.

  3. Awesome. I was tired today despite getting 9+ hrs of sleep. I'm now wide awake with energy after this workout! Thanks. The road is slushy today so I couldn't go for a run.

  4. This is honestly one of the best workouts I've done, gets your sweat on I got exhausted but I kept going because of the variety that he includes. Amazing job !

  5. Amazing spirit u have… I am doing ur workouts fo the past week and my stamina has increased, and about go sub to u this week… keep up this amazing workouts, and waiting for ur next live workouts

  6. I am honestly not one to comment on anything, but this is one of my favorite workouts! I'm a distance runner for my track team, and this rivals if not surpasses a normal distance workout (which are not at all easy)! Thank you for giving something that challenges me when it's too icy to run outside 🙂

  7. OMG, i'm so thankful that I came across you this morning. Nailed this workout and sweated out a bucket load. Love your energy and look forward to changing my body using more of your vids. Much love from the UK xXx

  8. first time doing this workout… he kicked my ass. I thought it would be easy cuz I use to run track, but I guess those burgers I had for lunch didn't help. very helpful workout though cuz it's raining outside.

  9. Hi MillHoy..
    Have I missed something? This is number 12 .. but I can't see the others (1-11).. are they somewhere else?
    By the way – I love your workouts – and congrats to you and your wife on your recent edition to the family 🙂

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