34 thoughts on “how to lose belly fat the fastest – Latin Dance Aerobic Workout 30 Minutes Sexy

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  12. i have been practicing this and had a great result. Though I'm maintaining my BMI this keeps me fit. But now i'd like to know can this be practised regularly fa one expecting pregnancy?. People who knew me doing this regularly posted this question since I'm not aware of it i dint respond. Can anyone clear this?

  13. My mate finally confided in me how she lost all of her body weight and it has been by following the “fizy unique plan” (Google it). I Googled it for myself when I got home. She did really well, she lost 6 lbs.

  14. I never comment on anything like ever. But I just have to for this one. This is my favourite workout video, I'm always doing different videos not to get tired of the same thing, and this is the one I always come back to. And I love this guy! I mean who wouldnt? he's so charismatic and I feel that he's actually talking to me and complimenting ME when I get the steps right lol it's nice to smile in the middle of a workout.
    I just finished this routine and I'm sweating buckets, It's also so fun!
    is the any more videos from him??

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