39 thoughts on “Pilates for Lean Legs & Toned Core – 33 Minute Pilates Workout Video by FitnessBlender.com

  1. This was great, but how can this workout and the hour long pilates video that you have (pilates abs and butt) burn practically the same amount of calories???

  2. Hey, I am a new subscriber and a new vlogger! This is fantastic and I will certainly start doing this workout – in fact as soon as I finish this message to you! I have a bad back and have been attending the chiropractor and as part of my treatment, I have been told he will help correct my posture and align my spine but it is my responsibility to strengthen my abs and my back! Keep up the great work. Inspired by you! X

  3. I loved this workout but I just have to say there was WAY too much talking. it was hard for me to focus on the movements and my breath because there wasn't any quiet time. I love all of your workouts and have been following them for almost 3 years but for some reason I felt this one was really hard to concentrate.

  4. I really need to tighten my thighs and though I work out a couple of times every week, I found this to be a little easy but still interesting. Yet I didn't expect to wake up the next day as sore as I was. I was so sore, I contemplated taking motrin! This workout is apparently extremely effective if not deceiving. I will continue using fitnessblender workouts to tone up.

  5. As a beginner doing Pilates (I've been just three weeks in) this type of routine is extremely humbling, I'm used to do mostly Strength training and HIIT however Pilates is the one which I have to be extremely focus to not give up to the intense burn. Thank God Daniel is always giving instructions, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't finish half of the exercises. Daniel, you're the best!

  6. I used to do Blogilates and while those videos were a lot flashier, I think this one was definitely more concise and effective. She almost never includes stretching and when she does it isn't very effective for me. But after this video I feel stretched and relaxed.

  7. I will do this again and again until I can manage through it (i can manage roughly 30-40% of it at the moment). THANK YOU!!! I am always amazed with how perfectly you do all exercises! WOW!!

  8. I will do this every day to aim to look good in my jeans on my holiday at the end of May! Great workout – put some music on ITunes in the background and it was really effective and loved the stretch at the end. Thanks

  9. That was amazing, I felt the burn, this is awesome and I'm glad there's a cool Pilates dude on here. I feel so awkward doing the woman Pilates videos, especially when the instructor says, "Lets get it girls!" lol.

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