19 thoughts on “CONNOR MEES Full Mass Chest Workout | NATTY GENETIC FREAK !!!!

  1. One year ago today, this video was filmed. I have to say this was one of my most intense, fired-up, 10 out of 10 workouts I've ever had. Not sure if it was the camera being on me that made that statement true, but whatever it was it was beautiful. The explosiveness I felt this day was beyond euphoric and special, I will never forget it ! Glad I got to share it with you guys, thanks for watching and remember to subscribe =)

  2. Its more interesting for the viewers to hear the footage audio aswell as the music.
    People often get motivated from these videos so its nice to hear the gym sounds aswell as any talking.

  3. Connor, since you're natural, look into the WBNF or even Muscle Mania. You have that mesomorphic long lean aesthetic look that should do well with these competitive organizations. Take advantage of the natural gifts in which you have been bestowed and exploit them in many different ways to the masses. You have a great future ahead of you! Fear not what the future may bring but attack those challenges with the zest and vigor that you obviously posses from within. Best of wishes!! Jim Whitfill

  4. The form and analysis of your bench session is great; 1 to 2 reps for maximum poundage is right on the mark. Between sets while your allowing your ATP levels to return to normal; flex your chest and hold the pose longer, your doing something like this but hold and contract longer.

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