43 thoughts on “30 Min. Total Body No Equipment Snatched for the Summer Home Workout | Snatched for the Summer #01

  1. Millionnaire! Was diagnosed about a year or so ago with pre- diabetes. Since then, I started to do your amazing workouts and began building sexy muscle. Doctor reported I am now back in the normal range 🙂 Thank you for saving my life, literally!

  2. Much respect! the fact that you could feel the burn and show it, wow other trainers make themselves be so perfect and you hate yourself when you rest all the time!!

  3. I am so happy I found your videos! I am trying to become more physically fit for my wedding this year and I feel like your video was awesome and a great alternative for when I want to stay home and workout I stead if going to the gym! Thank you for giving this resource!

  4. Don't take these the wrong way but as a nerd who can barely walk without tripping over things, I find these way, way, way complicated. Not hard, I can keep up since I'm a runner. But I find these more complicated than a dance class. This definitely isn't for beginners. I also have bad knees and these are hi impact. Maybe if you also give lower impact versions?

  5. Finished '30 day Beginners Series' a couple of days ago. Compared to those workouts this one was atleast twice as hard. Made it to that fist bump though. Hoping to stick with this for the next 20 days. Lets see if this comment helps me with that. 😀😀
    +1 to the new visuals. Really helpful.

  6. my car died just 20 min before my kettlebell workout so I back to home, opened youtube and wrote "workout no equipment" and now I feel fucking good, thanks man!

  7. People should know this is not beginner's stuff. Man that was hard and I couldn't catch up with a lot. Respect. Everything in good time I hope.

  8. Just stumbled across you mate. Royal Navy matelot here and that was half decent! Got me sweating and happy to say i kept up (if not beat you at times 😉 haha but deffo be doing more of your stuff. Taa buddy

  9. bro….! I been looking for some good full body workouts.. diz Iz perfect.. I'm about ta start in about ten minz. BOOM!!! I hope u keep them coming.keep it up pimp.. I respect an will share diz with all my people. yadadi…..💯💯💯💯💯💯

  10. Just repeated this workout after 40 minutes of Pull upper body strength – MAN!!!!! So much failure, but made it to that fist bump. Much respect to everybody out there CRUSHING this workout as well. 👊🏿😀

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