35 thoughts on “High intensity fat burning cardio workout (25 minutes)

  1. I really enjoy your routine and find it encouraging. There are many other HIIT cardio workouts available but most of the blocks are rather annoying to listen to and I find it difficult to tough it out watching them. Your videos offer a warmth of encouragement; and I thank you!

  2. Excelent trainning I love it!!! I do it all your routines daily!!! May I suggest if u could add music too
    Anyway u r great guys!!
    Regards from Ecuador

  3. Very good routine, although it would be better if the camera didn't move that much, so I can see how the exercises has to be made. Why do I want to see faces that much?

  4. I'm crazy I just did one HIIT exercise of 30 min and then did is one of 25 min and I'm 14 years old and weight 67 kg should I keep on doing this pls help me I'm doing this for a week and lost 10 lbs already

  5. heey can you help me to say what is best for me to do , I would like to have 20 kilos away plus a tight body walked three months I must follow that cardio ? can you help me please. thank you in advance .

  6. How refreshing! It was a workout without profanity, talking about needing to trim up the body, and no sexual innuendos in words or actions. I can do this around my kids. Thank you!

  7. hi there! i just started working out with you guys last night ( THE 25 MINUTE INTERVAL), AND OH BOY i was sweating like a water fall. I have 3 kids put them to sleep last night and yes i finished the 25 minutes for the first time. thank you so much looking forward to loose my belly mommy 🙂 thanks in a million from montreal quebec

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