39 thoughts on “30-Minute Selena Gomez Workout For Flat Abs and Toned Legs | Class FitSugar

  1. This is amazing for anyone because its not cardio (which always kills me) but you still feel like you have worked out super hard. Thanks for uploading..

  2. I do wish that the woman in the back right corner did not vocalize everything she was feeling. I understand everyone works out differently, but at times it could be very distracting. Nevertheless, great workout!

  3. I've done this workout about 4 times over the past couple of weeks, and it's nice to see already how I don't need to take as many breaks to catch my breath and my muscles aren't getting as tired. Except the arm dancing, my arms always feel like Jell-o by the end.

  4. I've been incorporating this 3xs a week in my work outs. I do 45 mins cardio in the morning. I dance for a good hour straight during the day. Then at night I do abs legs and arms at home for an hour. 7 days a week for a month now I am 5"2' and started at 160. I don't care about how much I weigh but it's 150 but my stomach and legs look phenomenal y'all!

  5. This was such a great low-impact workout; I felt challenged without having to gasp for breath or any of the other things that come with regular cardio, and I was so surprised how quickly the 30 minutes went. Thank you, Popsugar!

  6. I dont know about you but I did several Popsugar Workouts and I gotta say that this definitely not my favorite one!
    I don't like what we're doing, how it is explained and the atmosphere in general.

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