21 thoughts on “40-min Beginner At Home Full Body Workout 200-250 Calories

  1. I am underweight and struggling with physical issues due to stress. I know I feel better when I work out but I am also having a hard time with appetite and strength. Is this good for me? I want to get back some of my muscle mass I have lost from not working out but I don't want to burn too many calories that are hard for me to get in in the first place in this time of my life. Are there any other suitable workout videos of yours that I can be linked to? I work out at home with a basic set of dumb bells

  2. There are a few problesm with this workout. For a beginners workout it rally lacks instruction. Many of the squat exercises do not show the position of her legs, much less her feet. There is no warmup or cool down and I'm sorry, but some of these exercises are really beyond a beginner. I like Christine and GymRa but I was a little dissapointed with this one

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