47 thoughts on “Sweaty Yoga Workout Sequence 45 Min Yoga w/ Optional Yoga Music Playlist

  1. I'm sweaty. that was a great workout. I would like to see more videos like this as summer is comming. โ˜บ Thank you. Your workouts are the best.

  2. Brett — amazing class! Love your precise coaching and adaptations. I also really appreciate the breathing cues, since they are essential to any yoga practice. Your classes are fantastic. I know you donate these classes for free to the world. How do I get to join the subscription service… or donate to you??? Ella

  3. i loved it! got me puffing like a horse on d balance and hip flexors.
    thanks for guiding through the practice in detail. i didnt have to crane my neck to look back at d monitor all the time!!!
    subscribed. now will go to your site.
    muchos gracias. <3

  4. I've never done yoga before but I decided to jump in and I loved it. I felt muscles quivering that I didn't know existed. Super sweaty and super pumped to have a channel in my life to check out and work out with that I can use daily. Seriously, thanks!

  5. Good morning Brett.! This may just be my favorite practice at the moment. Really gets me working hard!! I highly recommend this class for all intermediate yogis. Have a fabulous day and a wonderful New Years Eve tomorrow!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ #Namaste.


  6. She is the best in terms of learning and understanding the details. Breathing into areas, where to draw what in what place, huge breath!, that is my favorite thing to hear from her, because it reminds me. BUT THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE TO HER CLASSES, FOR THOSE OF YOU DONIG CLASSES ON YOU TUBE: One can understand what she she is doing based on her words alone, so at least I don't have to constantly look at the screen. One problem, her class is so good, that I don't feel the need to go to yoga class.so much. I will
    By the way, I have been doing yoga for years and only through her did I learn to do the waarior poses correctly, esp. Warrior 1!!! It always felt impossible to have any forward orientation with the hips. Anyone have a similar experience?
    Thank you Brett!!!

  7. Really great flow, thank you much for an excellent workout!ย  Not really sure I have a panty line… but I figured out where I think you were directing things!

  8. I love your Channel! I know I can always count on your videos for a good whole body workout! No guessing game of if it will be tough enough! Thanks for the great at home workout! ๐Ÿ™‚

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