#YouMustGoForGold Picture every aspect of your life in its ideal state and then…


Picture every aspect of your life in its ideal state and then do all that you can do to make it a reality.
Don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t settle for less.
Everyday picture that ideal state in your mind and then keep working on bringing that picture to life.
That my friends is the highest form of living when you are driven by a vision far greater than what anybody had ever seen before, something which to some, possibly to most looks downright impossible but something to which you are greatly convicted and greatly committed and as a result you keep going for it.
Despite what the critics and naysayers may say to you, refuse to bullied, refuse to be stampeded.
Stay the course.
Keep at it.
Refused to be discouraged.
And when you are discouraged, like we all may be at different points, you must pick yourself up again and then go for it.
They might have called you names, might have scoffed, might have said it has never be done before, might not appreciate you or your contribution in the present, but it’s only a matter of time, those that mocked you will have no choice than to celebrate you. The rewards and recognition are coming and they are far more than you could ever have imagined, all you need to do my friend is to please keep at it.
As with life so it is with your health, your diet, your fitness, your looks, your carriage, your posture, your business, your goals and yours dreams, you must picture every aspect of your life in its ideal state and then keep going for it.
You Must Go for Gold!. #YouMustGoForGold. #PrioritizeTheThingsThatMatter
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