36 thoughts on “DVD2, Lat Workout – S61XL Mass Gain Program

  1. Everyone laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up applying Moro Muscle Ripper, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Moro Muscle Ripper to see their reaction.

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  4. It works out the entire back. But it's predominantly a lat workout. You're entire midback will be sore from doing this workout. If you want to do the lower back, do deadlifts, For the upper back/back of the shoulder, do rows to the shoulder.

  5. Hey guys. Outstanding clip. My brother used to be a fatty. He went from 293 lbs of fat into 206lbs of full-strength lean muscle mass. I couldn't believe it! I just registered personally as I'm seeking to get heftier muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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  8. I'm an advanced lifter, hybrid between powerlifter and bodybuilder. I must say that This guy is in great shape and his workouts seem very challenging. Don't knock it…

  9. Give the guy a break he's almost 50. How many 50 yrs olds you know can do any pullups? How many 25yrs olds for that matter??? Plus he's going really slow and using proper form.. it's way easier to do them fast… Jerks.

  10. 14 months ago i was a real lightweight (56kg) and now i am 71 kg and 6ft 2 -6ft3 so yes i am skinny for my height but i am not super skinny and i am strong for my body size plus still gaining. So yes it is possible to put on weight even if your skinny by doing the right things. Also scooby is correct THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PULLUPS!

  11. Awesome video Scoob, this 10 minute super-duperset cirquit workout plan has beat me up good, as always.

    Im rating this video on the stars im seing after i finished this workout *_*. *rates 5 stars and passes out*

  12. nobody said it was, the presence of amino acids in your blood stream has an anti-catabolic effect, while the sudden change/ spike in amino acids in the blood stream is what causes the initialization of protein synthesis, this is why the combination of anticatabolic(casein) and synthesis promoting(whey) proteins is superior to favoring one over the other.

  13. scooby, you are the man! i love you and over training? shut up thats what lazy people say who always try to make an excuse not to train… just smash it, its the only way… scooby ur my hero

  14. @ spartan1893
    How I weed it out? If it sounds too sensational it's usually wrong. If it doesn't work for me and doesn't help my training it's certainly wrong for me. If it sounds like only a guy who has swallowed a whole pharmacy could get it done – hands off. Basically, I use common sense and personal experience. Just as scooby does. ^^

  15. Cont 1

    In fact eating one or two large meals means it will take your body 10-12 hours to digest it… from stomach up to small intestine where most of the absorption happens. All that time amino acids are being released into your bolod stream. So the idea eating lots of little meals will cause your body to burn fat, assuming your exercising and it needs fuel is just a myth too. The only SURE rate to get your body to burn stored fat is when fuel in blood stream is depleted.

  16. Now that I crawled out on a branch, the science behind it. Regardless how much or what you eat you will "burn up" roughly 10% of the calories through the process of digestion. So it matters not if you eat 3 meals that equal 2000 calories or 8 meals, if you eat 2000 calories or whatever you eat, you still burn off 10% by the act of disgesting the food. The bodybuilder myth, eating a lot of little means puts your body into a catabolic state is simply not true and not born out by the research.

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