35 thoughts on “Intense Workout! Bar Brothers In Training – 3 Month Update #4

  1. LOL! Wowowowwowoow!!!!! Now I see it! It's fucking easy to see abs if your 100 pounds -__- you guys look like you barley could pick up your own body weight… Carb is a carb. Fat is a fat. Protein is a protein… If your going over your calories per day YOUR GOING TO GET FAT! Simple

  2. This is awesome, i love the detox and then the weight gain on fruits and vegetables! I've been doing a half raw and cooked diet. I'm actually excited about cutting out animal proteins and going for beans; so many kinds for protein. Thanks!

  3. Genetics only determine how you look, what I am talking about is with what kind of body you were born with, I don't think the guys you saw became like that without eating properly or getting supplements considering they are Ectomorphs.

  4. genetics don't always matter, ive seen guys with beanpole arms get 16 inch arms in 2-3 years intense training and proper nutrition. sky is the limit my friend, but yes eat, eat and eat some more.

  5. Just keep doing what you do guys, it is most important to follow your dream! Those 3 snack times i would change for 3 of those:
    3dl of milk
    100g oats
    25g whey powder if you can afford it, if not just milk and oats 🙂

  6. Keep doing what you guys are doing, You will learn as you go, I like how you guys are trying to be inspirational and are correlating your spiritual growth with fitness. I wish you guys all the best and will continue to follow up on the channel.

  7. Sorry to break this to you won't be making gains that easily, first off if you are not aware both of you are ectomorphs the skinny type of body which struggles to gain muscle and size. You need to eat eat eat + you need ectomorph supplements to boost up your gains other wise you won't see no gains for the fact that your body is designed to be slim but once you can bulk and gain then you will be able to cut easily.
    Good Luck!

  8. Good stuff! I've been seriously considering a raw diet for about a year now, I'll be watching. Come watch my transformation, I'd appreciate it. facebook.com/BodyBrolicFit.

  9. Hey guys!

    First off i want to say that it's a nice initiative!
    I'm starting 2 soon and was looking for routines for beginners, i recommend this site for u guys!

    Maybe u should try to mix some flat push ups in the routine?
    No matter what, i will follow you guys! 😀

    Greets from Belgium!

  10. Well we are eating tones of RAW foods all day, 3 big meals and 3 snack times. Basically eat when your hungry! We are determined to do this on a raw diet and believe if we stick to it, we should be making all kinds of gains soon enough!! Thank you for the advice 🙂

  11. What is tonnes of food to you mate? i was skinnier than you then i ate 5-6 solid meals per day plus 2-3 snacks and i made super gains. Also drink a gallon of milk per day. After one week, i guarantee 1 kilo.

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