Calisthenics: Beginners Bodyweight Training Guide (Calisthenics Workout, Fitness, Muscles, Street Workout, Bodyweight Exercises, Muscle Gains, Strength, Workout Plan)

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So many gimmicks and fads exist in the world of exercise today. It’s tough to know what to look for in a great workout. We all know a person or two who lost a bunch of weight or built up a ton of muscle with one program or another, but the program just didn’t work for you or doesn’t focus on your fitness goals.

As our understanding of health and wellness improves, we have learned that staying fit and active plays an important role in how our bodies function. Yet, despite this understanding, we struggle with committing the time and effort it takes to work on a critical component of our health. That’s why you need to take a look at how Comprehensive Calisthenics: The Complete Guide to Using Your Body to Build Muscle and Burn Fat can help you transform your size, shape, and attitude.

Did you ever stop and wonder why so many people seem so bored at the gym? It’s hard to stay motivated when you do the same things day in and day out. With Comprehensive Calisthenics, you will not only learn how to work out but also learn the following:

•Where to start in setting your fitness goals
•How to build and customize your workouts
•When to increase intensity gradually to stay on track towards your fitness goals
•How to stay motivated to achieve your goals
•How you can incorporate new techniques to produce amazing results in no time

The tips and tricks you will learn in this book are brought together to help you max out your potential and find the perfect balance between working out and enjoying it. So, whether you are looking to lose a little weight, gain muscle mass, burn fat, or just learn some killer new exercises, Comprehensive Calisthenics will get you on the path towards your goal.

Even if you are just looking for some new ideas, a different kind of exercise to try, and a way to adapt an old exercise to make it more fun and exciting, you will benefit from reading this book. If, by chance, you have come across this title because you have seen some of the killer moves that come along with advanced calisthenics, rest assured the only way to be able to learn how to do them yourself is to start with the basics you will find inside. Working through progressively more difficult exercises, you may become one of the few people who can pull off some of the toughest calisthenics moves out there.

Even if you aren’t new to calisthenics, there is something new for you inside. Whether you want to focus on a core area, drop 10 pounds, burn fat, build muscle, or even find an awesome new training variation, you will find something new and exciting to bring into your workouts with detailed descriptions of 50 different exercises to get you started! The best part is that you already have everything you need to get moving with your new Comprehensive Calisthenics workout because all you need is YOU!

The Complete Guide to Using Your Body to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

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You’re about to discover how to improve your overall health and physique.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Starting at Your Baseline
  • Getting Your Train on the Right Track
  • Beginner Level Calisthenics Exercises
  • Increasing the Intensity with Advanced Calisthenics
  • Developing the Simple Six into a Completely Customized Workout
  • Overload vs Overtraining and Best Practices to Avoid Injuries
  • Additional Options for Integrating Calisthenics and Other Types of Training Methodologies
  • Much, much more!

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