16 thoughts on “LOW IMPACT Cardio HIIT + Super Intense ABS | 20 Minute Workout without Jumping

  1. Great workout! Only repeat twice for one exercise…love it….30 second intervals…love it. Awesome comment to Rosie…"Hi Rosie, are you going to join us? (Rosie walks away)…Thanks for your help…" I laughed out loud. My puppy looked at me like I was nuts! Which I am by the way! Thanks for making great workouts and for your humor.

  2. Love a 30 second HITT! Do you ever do 20 second HITT workout (not tabata)? Also, have you considered doing a progressive workout that goes from harder to easiest (i.e., 50 seconds first round, then 40, 30, 20 etc) instead of easiest to hardest?

  3. Hi, Pahla!!! I just wanted to thank you so much for all your low impact videos. I'm used to doing the high impact, high intensity videos, but my work schedule changed and now that I have to workout at 5AM, I can't make noise because of everyone sleeping. These are awesome workouts to remain quiet, but still get in a good workout. Not only are they quiet, but they are also short enough that I have enough time to get them in before work. Thanks again for all your hard work 🙂

  4.  HIGH SWEAT is the truth.. love the consideration to those of us who are taking care of our knees. Hope you have a great Christmas. Can't wait to see what the new year brings us.

  5. I always enjoy your workouts as they are great for my flat feet and knees, and you have a captivating personality-very motivating! I found the "kneel down, get up" extremely painful for my knees.  Maybe you could suggest an alternative exercise (just as challenging, of course) for those of us with injuries or issues.  Please keep them coming! You are awesome!!!

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