35 thoughts on “32 Min. Elliptical Workout. Burns 747 Calories. Serious Weight Loss

  1. I have a proform 12.9, my muscles near my knees are burning out once I go fast. Am I doing something wrong here or it's just that my body isn't used to doing this?

  2. Love coming from Trinidad and Tobago.. I love this work out… it is fast pace but you don't feel it. I love the motivation as well. And I have no problem with your voice. Lol

  3. Started being able to only do the first 10 minutes and now I'm able to do all 30 min 2-3 times a week 🙂 incredible cardio workout, I've never sweat this much!

  4. started today, not a runner and I'm new to working out. I did the first 10 and 48 seconds minutes and I'm so tired but I feel great. Going to to this everyday and post my updates. Feeling confident

  5. You are so right about HIIT training. I started it on the eliptical a month ago. I started at a 10 incline with 7 resistance. I'm now am up to an 11 resistance. I took before and after pics and in one month, my glutes are way rounder!!!! you cannot help but sweat and burn calories with HIIT and yes, people do look at you like "what are you doing?" Lol. Glad I found your videos. Gonna use your videos to coach myself. thank you!!!!!

  6. Купили тренажер в магазине Зона Спорта. В подарок сделали бесплатную доставку и сборку, но видео все равно полезное, натолкнуло нас на подбор и покупку.

  7. I am doing this on a crosstrainer, will i burn more calories?Also i am 45kg and 5'1-5'2 what is the estimated calories i will burn because the elliptical i am on doesnt have the age option

  8. heart attack, stroke or fail!!!!!this is for suiciders!!!!! better try calm 1 hour orbitrec, it's better for your health

  9. Hi Adrian, can I use an Elliptical with handles and what resistance and incline should I be using?
    And will I get the same results if I do this work out on the elliptical with handles?
    Looking forward for your reply….

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