22 thoughts on “Full Body DUMBBELL TABATA | High Intensity CARDIO TONING Home Workout for WOMEN

  1. I love this one! I actually had sweat running in my eyes and dripping onto my mat! I don't think i can get enough of these workouts! I'm going for 3 of your strength trainings a week once cardio and a long hike somewhere beautiful if I can. Definitely going to share this one!

  2. I need to try this one too.I hope u will have a remix month one day where u take concepts of older videos and remix it and than put a link to the original.Some workouts are great they just have not been discovered yet.More people will in the coming months

  3. I cannot believe I have not commented on this one, yet. This is almost my top favorite of your workouts. I have also recommended it to my friends. I really enjoy Tabata for a quick weekday challenge, and I absolutely LOVE the weighted cardio type of workouts, it feels like catching two birds with one stone. For only 20 minutes, this workout is so efficient! My average heart rate was 140 beats per minute, and 160 BPM at most. I did the first couple of rounds of goofy jacks unweighted as a warmup (no other warmup, today!), and gradually brought up the weights to 4kg dumbbells. Honestly, those goofy jacks with weights suddenly transformed into the hardest fly move EVER! And the finisher with 4kg weights — my arms were so shaky by the end, that I could not even lift my mobile phone from the table!
    P.S. It is nice to go back to these older videos, I could really hear Mr. Knucklehead's water tank in the background.

  4. Oh Queen B, This. Is. Crazy. Sweat fest workout. I did upped the weight and have to modify some workout as I'm still recovering from my (re) injured knee. Thx a bunch 😊

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