Cardio And Abs HIIT | Advanced Workout | The Body Coach

This workout is all about getting your fat burners blasting and your abs fired up. It combines cardio exercises and abs exercises and takes around 20 mins.


27 thoughts on “Cardio And Abs HIIT | Advanced Workout | The Body Coach

  1. I was thinking it's easy ( after completing few others Joe's HIITs on his channel) then on the 2nd round was about to give up thinking of many bad words to describe him during that work out, how ever barely finished last round sweating like never before, and probably will love him now after seeing the result of the HIIT ! #bosh! #wickedJoe! #bestCoach!

  2. Just started following these workouts! I love HIIT so this is perfect for me! Even got my 53 year old mother to join in who's kicking butt btw ! lol It would be super helpful if you could write out the exercises in the notes section because sometimes its difficult to hear him. Another option would be to have the name of exercise appear on screen right before we get to it. Thanks 🙂

  3. I really love your accent but I struggle to get some of the exercise names (not an English speaker myself). This is my transcription of the workout:

    Burpee Frog Call? + Flutter Kicks
    Plank Squat-Thrust + Push Ups Walk Outs
    High Knees High Punches + Scissor Top Crunch?
    Rotating Squat Jumps + Push Up Pike
    Lunge Lunge Squat + Crunch (some kind of variation)

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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