43 thoughts on “30 Min. Brutal HIIT Cardio Workout for Men & Women | Viewer’s Choice #11

  1. Love how he keeps on talking tho he's clearly out of air, but I'm not judging or anything , but his legs i think they are too strong to be that thin looking. Love this guy 👍

  2. Best work out to date. Currently leading my School weight loss competion heading into the final week. Mil Hoy helped me break through my plateau and on to the top! 27lbs lost in 9 weeks. Diet tips are a big help.

  3. I can finally visit swimming pool without a shame, haha! 😀 Thanks for his workout, man! You have earned yourself a subscribe. 😀 Greetings from Poland. ^_^

  4. Occasionally a move is not as complicated and I can use it in class but it's not 32 count so it makes it difficult to adapt, that could be your intention but I love your cardio

  5. I'm on to my next block of workouts with you!!! I graduated my first week of 35 min. videos. I wasn't feeling good today and was going to skip. but I made the Right Choice!! I tried this workout & HOLY CATS I'm Still sweatn! dam burpees.. Tomorrow I'm starting day 1 of the 30 day Full Body Burnout.  -seriously though, I need to thank you for the comment you made about -It don't matter what you see in the mirror now, after finishing a workout like that I need to feel proud of myself. thank you. I needed to hear truth. I'm not huge! but I want my size 5 /6 back again. Thanks for your generosity of sharing your workouts! I am tremendously impressed with my results so far already!!!! See ya tomorw!

  6. You're the best Milli Hoy!! You are one of the top 3 workouts online, and i have gone trough them all. Presentation, instruction, guidance on preventing injury, challenge. Tops!
    Your conscious of the fact you need to mix it up throughout and not do 10 squat moves in a row, or 10 plank moves in a row, your speech is great, I can hear you, the timer. The only con for me is how challenging some of the workouts are, but thats a good thing. Keep it up and hopefully you are making some money off of this, you deserve it.

  7. I'm super proud to say this is my first time attempting this workout and I crushed it! May be sweating up a storm and out of breath but that just means its working….

  8. 44 years old….kicking my gluteus maximus…these are the best HIIT workouts I have found anywhere…thank you Millionaire Hoy… all I can do to type right now… sweat everywhere and trying to catch my breath

  9. i liked the statement, "its not about how you look in the mirror but all about what you can do. will be starting your workouts just after i get over this flu.

  10. It's been a long time since I've felt like I've absolutely FAILED one of your workouts. they're all challenging but I BARELY made it through this one. My fat is crying 😩

  11. Brutal indeed! Renamed THANKSGIVING THROWDOWN for you guys in USA! This threw me down, woke me up & I give thanks for surviving! Lol. Thanks Mil

  12. This was harder than I tought!
    I'd love an intense core workout with standing and mat moves. I'm very lazy when it comes to do the strong abs videos alone… I get bored and quit at some point.

  13. at first I thought this guy was annoying but I can't deny his enthusiasm really drove me to carry on, more than some other channels out their. this is the first video I've watched of his but he has earned my subscription. great hit workout

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