44 thoughts on “Bodyweight Only Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout + Total Body Toning: Fitness Blender Blend

  1. Ok, so I got off my chair after years of feeling sorry for not working out seriously and it occured to me that a workout is only half the result. I don't know how to perform at least half of these exercises and have no idea if my back is stable enough due to that reason. Is there a way I can be sure that the maneuvers displayed here or in other videos can be done correctly by watching? Can they be taught like that or is a gymnast necessary?

  2. Man I was so motivated and wanted to finish this but halfway through my body just gave up.
    I weigh about 160kg and didn't work out in so long, I used to be healthy and fit years ago so my mind is still like 'yeah I can do that!' but my body is like nope!

  3. I'm starting to think they enjoy making workouts that make you want to curl into a fetal position on the cold hard ground and weep

    jk love this one though, definitely will be coming back (in a few years, i think ive done enough cardio until then)

  4. Well… i Think i just had my first Near death experience! πŸ˜‰ .. Thank u for making all these amazing videos!!! I dont have to go to the gym anymore! Its so much easier to do at home. Keep making videos!

    Ive been working out to your videos for 2 weeks, and I can already feel and see a difference <3 Thank u!!!

  5. hey guys just to let you know, HIIT shouldn't be done more than 3x a week. know with this video you could probably get away with doing 4 bc of the included strength training. but it's actually unhealthy to do HIIT more than 3x a week. Fitness Blender did a video on "how to properly lose belly fat" (or something of that similar title) and I recommend you watching it. Good luck on talks journey to weight loss, the only person or thing that can stop you is you losing your motivation, keep at it, you got this!!

  6. Survived, this time, to 10:16 up to the end of those funny Burpees!!! The very first time, I barely made it through the warm-up. I was too out of breath to attempt the jumps, but, NEXT TIME I WILL. Thank you Fitness Blender for helping me become strong & fit!

  7. What a challenging routine! I survived until 7:31; the first set of the 'round of applause' exercise. My heart was pounding out of my chest, & breathing was too difficult. I CAN do the entire 37 minute fat burning cardio, though. That makes THIS my 'goal workout'. Wish me luck!

  8. thank you so much fitnessblender for these awesome workouts. i have been doing this exercise for four months now , i am visibly reduced but haven't lost any weight. what can be the reason. i do this exercise 5 to 6 days a week

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