26 thoughts on “HIIT Cardio Abs Workout, HIIT Abs and Legs Workout, Abs and Legs Circuit Workout

  1. This was awesome! My back was cracking after too which is good opening up those vertebrae! I love your energetic spirit and to keep pushing when it's tough!!!

  2. That was intense. I may have been a little ambitious doing that after one of your cardio kickboxing workouts. But I prevailed! Thanks for the high energy motivation.

  3. just found you recently and I love your workouts. This one was the most challenging and my favorite so far. I was surprised it doesn't have more views, I will recommend your workouts and share with others 🙂

  4. omg that was round 2 for today i do 2 in a row like every day i take a day off after 3 days n i literally had to hold on to my counter to do those jump switch lunges things i was bout to fall i was thinking I'm gonna fall on this damn kitchen floor thats brand new freakin granite n chip the floor or my teeth either way my husbands gonna kill me lol and the first workout i did was the one wl those things where ur on ur hands n u jump wl ur feet like upwards i thought i was gonna do a face plant on those i never even saw that move before anywhere that must be a shelly original or something, but i had the energy cz that was the first one i did neway i made it threw wl no injuries thankfully

  5. Shelly, you truly make me proud to be in the fitness industry. I can tell you love it and I appreciate all your hard work and energy. If MillHoy is watching this, I'd love to see this one on the top of next week's fitness news. Just my opinion, but your energy is always so consistent and you deserve it.

  6. Shelly after I do this workout what other short workout do you suggest. I like to get a 45 min workout in an I usually mix it up and add an ab workout but this one covers a lot of the abs. I know you will guide me in the right direction. Thanks for adding this video.

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