50 thoughts on “25 Minute Kettlebell HIIT Workout with Kettlebell Exercises for Strength and Fat Burning

  1. I just discovered kettle bell training yesterday and really liked my first workout. Today I found & completed this workout and it was a Blast! Will be a new subscriber, THANK YOU for this awesome routine!

  2. i would like to ask if this is good for distance runners? are all the muscles properly used that the distance runners use…because after long runs i have feeling in my shoulders lie they are not here…so trying to work to strenght them and all the muscles that are used in the process of running (glutes,hamstrings,quads,lower back,and the core to the shoulders) tnx

  3. Holy Moly!!! Another AMAZING K-Bell workout, Amy!!  I've only had my 10# k-bell for 2 weeks now, but I feel stronger and see the tone already!!  I've got a 15# k-bell on its way–BURN!!!  🙂 🙂  XOXO-Shari

  4. Thank you so much, Amy! This workout is really effective! I'm an active person and still ended up sore the next day. Also, this workout is actually pretty fun and the time seems to fly by. I'm definitely sold on doing your kettlebell routines regularly!

  5. I found one of your kettlebell workouts a few days ago, without even looking for them specifically. I had never used them before, and something told me to give it a try: and I haven't stopped since! I am loving your videos, the instructions, the sequencing. Thank you, Amy! So much!

  6. Amy – thanks soooo much for providing thee awesome workouts! my sister in Aussie got me hooked – I'm in New Zealand – just know you are inspiring women to move in the comfort of their own home! xx

  7. Was late for my appt at the gym and decided to do a kettlebell workout and found this video. The workout was great especially since I live in an apt and didn't want any jumping around. I recommend this video for everyday workout or missed sessions at the gym.

  8. I woke up today and did this workout. Sweat sesh and challenging for sure. I'm just wondering about how many calories this burns. My heart rate was going and I felt like I sweat a good deal.

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  10. Please can you give advice about kettlebell weights? I started with 8kg in July 2016 and then moved up to 12kg in December 2016. I find it almost impossible to lift the 12kg kettlebell over my head so tend to use the 8kg for those instances. Should I stop using the 8kg and use the 12kg kettlebell for all exercises?

  11. Thank you so much for your fabulous workouts! I absolutely love your 10 minute kettlebell workout and have started on this one to mix up my workouts. These pair great with running and I truly give kettlebell the credit for my booty and hamstring change.

  12. Just finished this workout and OMG!!! My hands are shaking. That was intense but absolutely awesome. I am doing kickboxing 2-3 times a week and wanted an alternative exercise to do at home. This is definitely it!! I know I am going to see results quickly doing this. Amy you're a BEAST!!!!

  13. Post comment: If anyone has ever taken a hiatus from the lifestyle…the hardest part is getting started again. Thanks for getting me back on my path. The workout was interesting, I didn't even notice the time, it just flew by. I think I need a heavier kettlebell though.. Amy, I'll be tuning in for more of your workouts. Thanks again…Barbara

  14. I've been a gym rat for over 25 years. Just returning to working out after a 7 month hiatus. This seems "do" able. Watched the entire workout first, going to do it now. Will post when completed.

  15. Hi my weight is 77 kg and my height is 185 cm. I play badminton 3x2h per week (semi-profi). My problem is i cant catch breath at the end of this workout 😀 and my heart is beating madly 😀 is it alright ?

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