26 thoughts on “30 Minute Rapid Fat Burning Tabata HIIT Workout – 50 Exercises No Equipment Home Workout

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  2. I am 54 now and let me tell you I feel good being able to do this workout and keep up.ย  7 years ago I was very sedentary and 250#. Today I am 160# and have a lot of lean muscle mass.ย  I like to challenge myself and I will be doing this again! Thanks for the great workout!ย  I got a good endorphin release from this one!!

  3. i usually run 5-10k a day but thought i'd give this a go today… couldnt even last 25 minutes! going try again though and aim for 30! love the way he says to engage the whole body, when i did the moves became 10x harder but i liked that!

  4. Done this on my day off really didn't want to workout but no I would feel guilty if I never, this was a fun and great workout although I look like I've just got out the shower, fist ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿป bump thanks again for all you're amazing workouts,

  5. Love your workouts!! Thanks for creating challenging and motivating workouts every week. You've motivated me to get in better shape and to truly take care of my HEALTH. Got my younger brother addicted to your workouts now!! Thank you Millionaire Hoy!!!

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