20 thoughts on “1000 Calorie HIIT Workout (No equipment) I DARE you to try this!!

  1. Thanks u so much Xtine πŸ™‚ the first time it took me 2 hours to complete this torture and i almost died. but the 5th time only took 1h20'. so proud πŸ˜€

  2. Just to point out this isn't HIIT, watch the first set and the pace is way below high intensity, this is because she can't go full speed as HIIT demands because of the one hour length. You only need to do 15 minutes to get EPOC affect, if you are a beginner there is high risk of injury starting with a one hour session like this one. It looks to be a great work-out! However it's not necessary you can get fairly close to the 1000K using after-burn (maybe 600) the difference is a 15 minute session over 5 consecutive days is viable

  3. Christine!!! Oh my gosh! You go girl!! You are truly an inspiration… You look great and this type of workout explains why… I am defitnately going to try this workout and I'm so glad I decided to watch it first!!!! O M G…Please keep up the good work.

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