16 thoughts on “KILLER KETTLEBELL Drop Set | Full Body CARDIO STRENGTH + CORE Home Workout

  1. I did this today Pahla and absolutely loved it although tough in spots. I dropped the weights for a couple of leg reps but love that feeling of getting stronger. Thank you so much for this workout.

  2. Hi.Can you please make a playlist or suggest some workout videos or make workout videos that includes a standing warm up and cool down that is totally bodyweight meaning no equipment is used at all for teenage males or teenagers overall who want to lose the excess body fat they carry and become fit?If it'll be a walking,jogging or running workout can you please include complete rest intervals in between or even if it is a cardio,strength or any other sort of workout that it can please be low impact and can all the exercises be standing and can the workouts be done in small space?And can the workout not be yoga inspired?By that I mean a workout with normal breathing.

  3. This is an AWESOME workout but I have to get back to it because i don't have the energy to complete something this intense at 11:42 PM EST…SMH…I have to do this when I have a well rested morning. But NO WORRIES. There is plenty for me to choose from and thank you for thinking of busting our FLUFF…:)

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