43 thoughts on “20 Min. Quick Morning HIIT Workout to Burn Fat and Boost Your Metabolism | Viewer’s Choice #25

  1. #GoodFriday. I was laying in bed thinking to blow off excercise today and then I just couldn't rest. Got up did this 20 min and glad I did. After doing 2- 30day program consecutively, I an glad to admit this excercise is my new habit!!!! Thanks Millonaire Hoy!

  2. Great Pal, first time looking in and having a go. I think I went to this too soon though as I felt knackered. Have subscribed and will be taking on board your other video's. Thanks.

  3. I started working at a call center, so I NEED to get a good workout in everyday. Thanks for a great, quick HIIT workout. I really appreciate the modified moves in the window box.

  4. Love your videos!!! I loved this workout – like to do one of your hiits after leg day to stretch out my legs – this was killer! Going to do some extra stretching now. Do you have any yoga YouTube videos?

  5. Ist time joining you! Loved the workout & it was a great boost for a quick morning workout. Couldn't quite do all the moves but I'll get there!! See you tomorrow!!

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