40 thoughts on “35-Min Brutal Full Body Workout No Equipment – Focus on Legs and Belly Fat Loss 250-300 Calories

  1. as a dude I'll give this a try. You good some great genetics that even most men can be jealous off.. me included. As a 6.2" guy I need to eat like 24/7 and healthy to achieve these kind of results. the workout is one thing, but the food is even more of a pain. I have a normal job and no way to prepare food for an entire week as seems to be the trend among the fitness people nowadays.

  2. Probably a silly question buuuut, I do lift weights right? =) . Just wanted to make sure I'm not thinking I can attain what you got going on with just my body weight ;P . Thank you! So glad I found this page!! You da bomb boo!

    *You're in SoCal. Do you ever do hikes with your followers?*

  3. i Just try it out change routine on my every day exercise in th e park feel like my body got confused so I love it I have been seeing most of her videos super I do this one that is hard enough but I like the pattern changes and I do the abs video my body seem reacting positive and even I get angry with myself because I can't do it all I try every day I'm 42 4kids in college now that I have time for myself,need get back to be healthy thank for the videos congrats

  4. i just made another one of your workouts and just wanted to see what else you have to offer. found this and i am shocked! this looks so insane! i am actually afraid to try it because i will most definetly fail and i hate quitting inbetween a workout but i just can't see myself finishing it 🙁

  5. I love this workout. I am sore from it and I am in good shape. I am getting tone and sculpted muscles from Christine's workouts that I have never had before. That is Amazing when you consider I am in my 50s and have been doing P90x (both versions), Body Beast, German volumizing, etc workouts on average of 5-6 days a week for years. Thank you so much!

  6. That body weight stuff can really kick your ass. If I were you, I'd jump in that pool afterwards, and have someone bring you a cold tallboy and a nice grilled sausage, or some ribs!!!!!

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