23 thoughts on “Epic Heroic Motivational Badass Workout Mix

  1. For everyone who listens to "Rocky" and thinks that is being tough, it is. But it is not being real. And if you're troubles come to you because of your sin and because of other people's sin, then do you think you will win by keeping on? But there is another way. It is a way of peace rather than by your own strength. And being stubborn and foolhardy is not being strong.

    You won't win against God.

    No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel can avail against Yahweh.       Proverbs 21:30

    Yahshua did it all for you. He showed the truth of this world and put all those who fear to open shame since he rose from his destruction which was laid on him. Don't take this motivation for your rebellion against God, use it for your rebellion against man's pressures to follow along into weakness and conformity and compliance and becoming tamed.

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