16 thoughts on “30 Min. HIIT: Cardio + Legs HIIT Workout | HIIT/STRONGER: Day 16

  1. Fist bump Day 16 byeeee. I missed 3 days due to college homework, but this was a KICK butten workout!!! I am literally dying,. Word of advice: Don't miss too many days of working out xD Thanks for the work out you rock !!!

  2. Encouraging to see the trainer sweat and get tired as well. Too many times you see heavily edited workout videos that make you feel bad for being tired..

    30 minutes of ANY cardio non-stop is difficult.

    Plan to watch more of your work.

  3. I am not sure why, but this kicked my butt like nothing else! Maybe because I am used to working out fasted the first thing in the morning and today had to work out later and after breakfast, it was way harder for me. Now I admire you even more that you can do your workouts after breakfast! :))

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