46 thoughts on “30 Min Power Yoga Workout w/ Sean Vigue – HASfit Power Yoga Exercises for Strength – Workouts

  1. Nothing makes me sweat more than that full eagle pose. I can not sweat for the entire workout, but if you throw in a full eagle I'll start sweating bullets. I don't know why.

  2. After focusing on strength training for about a year, I'm adding yoga into my routine because I realized I had been taking some natural flexibility for granted – this was tricky, but now I have a better idea of where my weak spots are and what to really focus on the next time I go through this routine.

  3. Thank you!! Second time doing yoga, this was tough. A gooder 😀 Can't wait to do it again and get better! Really appreciate the tutorial/run through 🙂 🙂

  4. This has been a week of general havoc and mayhem. Finding this brilliantly taught class was such a blessing. I love the way you pace a class Sean…and the varied add-ons always keeps the postures interesting. The 3 legged plank holds were tough and the Eagle pose set (one of my favorite poses) was perfect. Thank you and accept my gratitude for such lovely generosity in your sharing. I am sure there are many people who share in that sentiment. xoxo, Have a beautiful day, ever, xoxoxo Lolly

  5. Hey Sean! I just wanted to drop in on here and say that if I remember correctly, before I ever did any yoga workouts or videos, this is the very first yoga video and workout I ever did in my life, and that was last summer. I know I commented on a few others that I have done with you, but I just realized that I hadn't commented on this one and I wanted to let you know that this is where I began. Thank you so much sir and I look forward to more yoga workouts and other workouts with you as well!

  6. I am sweating so bad and I usually don't sweat. Holy crap my arms and legs feel like jello. Thanks so much for this. Im a dancer so I need this in my life lol. I love yoga. What I think is funny about it is girl yoga videos are easier than guy videos (except jillian Michael's of course) great work! Ill feel this tomorrow.

  7. im doing hasfit workout for 2 years now and this workout defintley amazing that focuses on the endurance sida which i need to improve. im looking for more power yoga workous in this channel. keep them coming and thank you coach kozak and sean vigue.

  8. Your workouts ROCK, Mr. F! And not just the videos. The Pilates class I took from you in Colorado in September was terrific and I'm going to incorporate what I learned into my personal workouts. Can't wait to take your class again! If anyone reading this is ever in the Evergreen, CO, area, do yourself a huge favor and look up Sean's schedule and take his classes. Your body will love you for it!

  9. hmm… i will stick to Kozaks Tabata workouts.

    I just dont get this Yoga slow stuff.  Seems weird to me.   Nothing powerful about Yoga at all for me.  

    I need to sweat and love Kozak for that.

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