27 thoughts on “25 Min Beginner Cardio Workout at Home – Low Impact Cardio Exercises – Easy Aerobic Workouts

  1. I am so glad I discovered your work out videos!! Coach Kozak and Claudia are amazing and I love your comments during the work out. It gives me more energy and motivates me to do more. Thanks to both of you and please continue your good work.

  2. I can't believe how hard this workout was. It seemed easy, in the first round I thought "wow this is easy maybe I should go run five minutes on the elliptical after this?" (Btw I hate running on the elliptical even if it is for five minutes) but now I just finished and im so exhausted!!!

  3. Man! getting better i finished the completed routing today, no cramps or nothing on my legs. Thanks bro, getting, and feeling better as i go along. I feel good you the best bro.

  4. How many weeks doing this 6 nights a week until i progress onto the next one, and what would you suggest? ive got a few of my freinds doing this also lol. we arnt unfit, but doint excercize much ha

  5. This was a great! work out, is very nice and easy. But at the end last 3 minutes or less to go, i quit a little leg cramp. That means i'm out of shape. As i said great workout, very easy but very effective, lots of sweating ufff love it.

  6. Have done this workout over the past few years each time I have to get myself going again! Always feel sweaty but great when finished and notice the changes fairly quickly in both my strength and inches lost. Quick question – any estimate on calories possibly burned with this? Thank you again!

  7. Firstsly thank you for being my instructor every morning for the last month..i need to upgrade my routine now…any suggestions?? It also needs to be low impact on the joints as i have had 2 hip replacements.. Thank you

  8. Thank you for posting this video. I'm trying to get in shape and needed to add further variety to my current routine. I got nice and sweaty. I'll increase the weight next time (I was only using 2lbs each dumbbell) for either half or the whole session. I look forward to trying some of your other videos as well!

  9. gracias!!! tremendo, me encantó. si puedes en algún momento, poner algunos ejercicios para fortalecer los cuadriceps. el de la pierna derecha me duele y no se q hacer. me hice mri y no es rotura. de todos modos gracias y cuídense mucho desde Puerto Rico❤

  10. hey its me again , ok so yesterday i did a trial of the exercice and didnt do the complete 25 min so i wasnt tired and thought it was easy haha , today i started my exercice journey and i did the 25 minutes and was working out with u , but was so tired and heart beating so fast and short breath but i continued , nw my body hurts a lil , is this normal? and can i force myself tomorrow to keep exercicing? i mean my body will get used to it?
    and p.s i am more than 130 kilos so u think this is why i am tired?

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