37 thoughts on “20 Minute Spin Class Workout (FAT BURNING INDOOR CYCLING!!)

  1. cheers love for the review i like watching you when u did that review i have a spin bike and i do 20 mins 30 seconds on, 1 min off , 30 seconds hill, 1 min off level 3, 20 mins work out but i like your work out i will change my work out 30 seconds hill ,1 mins off ,30 seconds level 3 , and i will just repeat myself in the 20 mins work babe.

  2. Having just had my Spin bike returned to me, I've started back up with it this morning with this workout. I used to do 45 minute Spin classes and thought, "What can a 20 minute Spin class possibly do for me?" A lot. It can do A LOT! In a way, I'm a beginner again as it's been so long since I've done this. I already know the proper bike set up and alignment with your body, so that didn't even phase me that it wasn't explained. I do need to go buy a seat cushion though. Forgot how much it hurts the glutes! I'm not as cushy back there as I used to be! Thanks to the Pilates I do daily! I also need to buy replacement pedal straps. Those came off years ago and can't recall why or what I did with them. I'll be doing this workout again tomorrow!

  3. Some very good drills…but I see some things that concern me. You should NEVER lean on the handlebars when out of the saddle. Kind of the number 1 rule in cycling. Puts more pressure on the knees and takes it away from the quads and glutes where it should be. No cycling certification course I've ever completed advocates leaning on the bars when out of the saddle. Also, handlebars should be level with or lower than the seat for a better core workout.

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