49 thoughts on “Top Pump Up Songs Vol 2 (Best Motivational Workout Music)

  1. The weak never undestood 494 people, who do not know the meaning of pain and to have na optimal tracklist to motivate  your workout every day fot the perfect body, music of all training tricks…

  2. I remember I spent hours trying to find a good mix for my workouts & finally stumbled upon this back in 2013! I couldn't find it gain until now. The music & speeches are perfect for me & get me pumped. Thanks for uploading!

  3. and the melody is sucks.where is the motive??we need music….not an asshole says all the time…blah..blah…blah…blah…..blah..chun lee theme remix is better than this.sorry man!try harder

  4. this guy has heart problems from the chemicals in him!!!!i bet he cant feel the pleasures of sex…why become a lion without dig and with heart problems.. i prefer to be a healthy man with cock,brain and heart

  5. Gayest homosexual douchebag fucking playlist I've ever seen.

    If you listen to this and go to the gym, your probaly a homo.

    Run outside and listen to normal music and your strong.

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