24 thoughts on “Total Ballet Body Workout (Legs, Abs, Butt, Hips, Arms)

  1. Tried doing this while I was on my period and I almost passed out lmao, I'll try this again when I'm feeling better but I loved the parts I could do! x

  2. Ty so much!!! I'm a dancer and I have really good form and flexibility, but I didn't have a lot of muscle. when I started on more advanced ballet, I needed to have more strength. I'm really lazy when it comes to workouts, but I found this video and it's a perfect combination of technique and muscle building. I started doing this about a month ago, and I've had really good results! My calf and arm muscle is a lot better, and now I can actually do a full tilt. (I used to not be able to, because I was flexible enough but I didn't have the muscle.) this video is kind of old, but I hope you still see it and again, thank you so much for this video! You just got a new subscriber.

  3. Thanks so much, such a good workout for ballerinas. Gonna do this twice a week before ballet classes ahaha. Hopefully this helps me improve but OMG it hurts so much

  4. I absolutely hate workout in general, wich means I'm definitely not in shape (I'm not super overweight, but still, I'm not strong). But this workout if super fun! I was dying halfway through but I'm determined to get to your level 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Hello, it was hard to see all the correct leg positions, cause you are wearing black, maybe better with lighter tights next time. did like the arm workout, thank you.

  6. omg i loved this! I will definitely add this to my fitness routine, I'm a ballet dancer so this looks so fun for me, and I'll try to do it on pointe.
    Btw, your arms seemed pretty cool and your body is goals

  7. Hi, I'm from Germany and I'm so happy to found your channel. Very good and effektiv workout. But I have one question: It is a Cardio Workout too? I hate some Cardio workouts where I have to jump the whole time…can I loose weight with this routine? Tanks and please more Videos!

  8. Really impressed by this – when you said you weren't a trained ballet dancer I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a great workout, thank you!

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