35 thoughts on “20 Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Loss – Home Cardio, Strength Training, Cardio Kickboxing, Abs Workout

  1. used to do these alot about a year ago. I got in good shape and then I started bulking and going to the gym… Now I'm back to loose all the fat again! still loving your workouts.

  2. you ar amazinvg couple guys. I can not belive that I can do workouts as like Coach not with Claudia 😛 LoL joke! your videos are really hard but both of you make me motivated to fisnih programs. thanks for all! "keep it going guys almost done" hi from Turkey!

  3. I have worked out for 1 year and dropped 51 lbs doing things my own way but now I have been a bit stuck. I'm trying to drop the next 40-50 lbs and just recently found your videos and thought to try you out. It was a great workout it flew by so fast and like the previous review that 10 more seconds call out helped push me to hold it a bit longer. I'm excited to add you to my everyday cardio and strength training.

  4. New subscriber.. Starting your exercises tomorrow! Love the fact that I do not need to go to a gym for this 🙂 also liking the fact that you show the calories burnt! You guys are awesome!!

  5. Phew! That was super intense! And I loved every bit of it! Thanks you guys! You make me look forward to my workouts 🙂 just one question – how important is it to warm up before and stretch after the work out? Will it make a difference in terms of the end results that one sees as opposed to not doing either at all?

  6. I was doing cardio by watching youtube videos(other than yours)…I was 62Kg before giving birth to my son and now after 4 years I am 69.5 Kg…My food habits are sugar free… I am continuously doing cardio since my son's birth but my weight is struck …I am 5 foot 7 inches tall…my weight is basically on belly and hands and it looks awkward to me.. I saw your videos and starting doing them since last week ….I am doing different workout daily…I want to know that am I right in doing a different workout daily?Will I lose weight????pls respond

  7. hey man very very nice workout but I would just like to us about hiit.. hiit is like very fast movement then go slow down then fast movement and a cooldown period if I am right?

  8. Hi, thanks for a great workout. you are amazing. I've lost 2 stone and my weight had stopped coming off so I was looking for good workout videos… I've found them with you both. 😊

  9. LOVE THIS! been doing various workouts I find on youtube for few years now and was starting to get bored with them all. I am quite particular and feel like I enjoy exercising with only a handful coaches. Now came across your videos (and this is the first time I am leaving a comment on any youtube video!) and feeling energized and ready to carry on (did only two of your workouts so far). Have subscribed and will be telling everyone about you! Thank you.

  10. 3 weeks ago I thought that I was going to paralyzed but. your 20minutes back straighten slowly and steadily give me back strength .
    coach Kozak you are excellent

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