46 thoughts on “Full Back Workout (In just 23 MINUTES!!)

  1. I'm a CPT and ever since I started studying exercise science I've noticed how controlling the negative movement (eccentric) effects the muscles as opposed to "speed reping". Thought I was the only one. Seeing how you demonstrated these traditional exercises in less reps just proves what you've stated all along. "You can work harder or you can work longer, but you can't do both". Great Moto to train and teach by. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jeff.
    I watched this video this morning before heading to the gym for my back / biceps day.
    Until now, I had always pushed to failure (but only concentric), and took longer rests between sets.
    Today I didn't.
    I am wondering how many days you suggest working out, as I was so fried from the back workout, I had nothing left for biceps. I am now thinking of doing 1 body part per day, with maybe Biceps and Triceps on the same day.
    This will be a five day workout, by the end of which I think I'll need the weekend off to recover.
    Does this sound reasonable or am I out of shape?

  3. You'd probably reach a plateau and stay there (or make gains at a snail's pace) if you are not advancing (training to failure) as often as your body permits you.

  4. JEFF PLEASE READ!!!! (Heart problems)

    Hey Jeff,

    My name is Paul I am 20yo, 175cm, 73kg and I'm doing gym for 1.5 years. I've taken in the beginning serious mass from ON and creatine from BSN and gym 5 days a week. I haven't took any supplements since 6 months. While I started doing gym and until now I have experienced palpitations that got worsen while the time passed until I developed some tachycardia where my heart suddenly beats chaotic fast at rest and it returns to normal suddenly.

    Are there any trigger factors that might have caused my problems?
    If you can answer me I would be so grateful!!

    Also you can do a video on this subjects as many young people I think they suffer heart problems that they're not aware about!

  5. Not all beginners and intermediate level bodybuilders can do each set of every exercise to failure. It's literally impossible. It's for advance bodybuilders and athletes. And talking about that 12,11,10,9,8 sets, there you have to use weights which are challenging enough but not so much that you hit muscle failure until the last rep.

  6. But Jeff, is there anything wrong with working long? I really enjoy my gym and i tend to spend around 2 hours per training, I do work hard but i take around 1 min. if rest between sets, and about 2 min between every exercise. I like to work long and i have time for it…

  7. 😂 Did anyone else hear that ? listen closely from 27.14 – 27.19 😂 🤣 Great videos by the way dude, love the little tips n stuff always trying them out in gym yes yes 💪🏽 cheers 👍🏽

  8. Hey Jeff, thanks for all of your awesome videos! If I love to be in the gym and like to rest for a few minutes between sets to make sure each set is as good as it gets. Would you consider making a video on the importance of Volume, Intensity, and Quality of work as far as muscle building? Thank you

  9. Nice video, But you forget one thing. I believe most people like me, can't go the gym every day of the week, so they train with some "ab" workout, (4 times a week) or "abc" workout (5+), in which they train 2 or 3 muscle groups in the same day. that's how you get to a 60 min workout and that's not including warm up, abs exercises, and stretches….

  10. Goddammit Jeff keeps coming up with some unrealistic sh*t and then trying hard to prove it wrong. Like for instance where did he get those 5X12-10-8-6-4 numbers!? Are there the knuckleheads that really do that kinda crap!!!

  11. Jeff looks give you an A+ rating on this video you did every step of it very thorough and precise to the letter and then some. Jeff you are the finest fitness model on YouTube and let's keep it that way (topless) OK Jeff please. Respectfully.

  12. Jeff this video is great because you are explaining very well as you demonstrate the moves and the presentation is done super well. Your physique is great your shoulders, chest, abs, back and skin tone you look fabulous with your shirt off. ln the images I noticed that your wife has nice abs also. l think you would look great out in public with your shirt off your wife wearing a low brasserie walking in the park or even something like grocery shopping I'm sure many people would ask what is your secret to looking so good. I'm sure you would say watch my videos and you will see how it's done.

  13. i noticed during the dB lift that you didn't hit the same reps on both sides. Stupid question, but doesn't this lead to exaggerating strength difference between the two sides?

  14. Probably one of the hardest things to get across to my coworkers, is that I am actually getting a full workout in, in 1/4 or 1/8 the time that they are in the gym. But, as you said, a lot of their time is spent swiping through their phones. Hell, half the time, I'll be leaving the gym right as they are getting ready to warm up. Since I don't really do the pre-workout thing, I just have some coffee and get into my workout. They have this whole ritual that takes 15-30 minutes, taking their pre-workout and talking about their workout for the day.

    I prefer to work hard, so I don't have to waste time in the gym. Some people prefer to work long, because the gym is their escape. Whatever, but it gets me the results I want.

  15. Hey Jeff, great videos… I got a question: I see you are working only your back in this video, like you don't alternate with biceps exercises… I mean l work on Mondays for instance Back and Biceps. Wednesdays are for Chest and Triceps and so on.. do you think l should just work one per day? Thank you

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