30 thoughts on “30 Minute At Home Abs & HIIT Cardio Workout for Fat Loss – HIIT Happens

  1. So for the high knees I've noticed Kelli doesn't tilt her pelvis up and I was always told you have to when doing them. Is there really a big difference to when you do to when you don't?

  2. Давненько искала такую тренировку, где бы совмещалось несколько интервалов Табата (4х20 сек.) на все группы мышц. Классно! Отличная работа.

  3. after another 4-difficulty half an hour of cardio, even thouh not HIIT… It's safe to say I'm exausted! And feeling amazing! Thanks for this guys <3 haha

  4. This is my second FitnessBlender. I started with the 20 minute hiit and I ckept doing it until i was able to do it without panting like a dog. Now I've upgraded my time to a thirty. ten minutes don't seem like much but with a hiit workout it's plenty more.

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