Kai Greene – The Ultimate Legs Workout

Kai L. Greene is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. His most recent victory was the Prague Pro in 2013. He was the first runner up at the 2012, 2013 …


35 thoughts on “Kai Greene – The Ultimate Legs Workout

  1. after min 7 I was done. this kid is a weenie. I'm not trying to be that guy that says I do this workouts all the time but damn, I have lmao this dude needs 10 years in the gym to keep up..

  2. Thank you so much you fucking steroid addict with the ridiculous posing routines and big steroid gut and freakish huge drug addict body for doing so much to destroy bodybuilding and the credibility that arnold, and franco columbo, and tom platz and the rest worked so hard to bring to it. I went from loving bodybuilding to despising it thanks to these fucks like this one. This fucker here is a lying, drug addict thief

  3. Logan man, you were in over your head and you completely were a champ! A lot of people would have complained, bitched out, half-assed it, and not given it their all. I was really impressed by your determination and perseverance to see it through to the end. If you see this all the way to your goals, I'm a fan bud. Take Kai's lessons and keep learning. Remember that no matter how much you know, you must tell yourself that you are a white belt and can always learn more. Experts can't be taught anything. Looks like you learned a ton this day. Awesome experience for you!

  4. Hey Mr.John Vu,Why, why, why… Why the harsh slander. Are you a Nazi, a communist. WTF is wrong with you. We are all human and can have opinions, we are free to say what we want. If Matt S wants to speak his mind…why the fuck not?!You should be ashamed of yourself.

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