37 thoughts on “Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp Workout

  1. The workout is great, the camera work is awful. When there is a close-up of a foot while they are showing a new move, how am I supposed to follow? Better get a tripod and let us see the whole workout.

  2. I have found my new favorite workout.  I tried this just yesterday and loved it!  I didn't do it perfectly but, am going to do it over and over and over then try the encore.  Thank you, it's a fantastic workout!

  3. I just did it and I've never ever done ballet before but it loved it!! I actually think the moves were quite easy. Time flew by as I was doing this.
    I really want to take ballet classes but as I'm 17 already, I'm just way too old to start

  4. Is it just me or is this really freaky cause it has no music? But this is a really really great workout. I danced ages ago and haven't for the past 10+ years, but this was really easy to follow. Works all the right muscles, and is the perfect length too

  5. Hey Flick and Victoria, what music would you recommend with this workout?  I really like the Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp Encore, because it has music, but I can't imagine working out in silence (aside from yoga), so I've never tried this one.

  6. It looks like a great workout, but i agree as a non ballet dancer the moves were to fast to follow. I kept having to start it and stop it again because I was confused/ didn't know what was going to be next. I agree that a good idea would be to preview the exercises before doing them so the viewer has time/ knows what to switch to. Aside from that great job and thanks for posting. I look forward to see what y'all put out in the future!!

  7. Sweat so much! You feel so good at the end, but now I'm so red ; if I can give you a piece of advice : don't do that in a tiny room closed if you don't wanna look like a giant living tomato ^^' But thanks for this cool bootcamp, I'm not a professionnal dancer, but I really appreciate !

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