22 thoughts on “Full Body Workout #4 for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle

  1. I've had 2 elbow surgeries and lack some movement in my elbow . I can do an over hand grip but lack pro nation and was wondering if i can still work out the same muscles doing an overhand grip or a different exercise. I'm 31 years old I've been skinny most of my life mostly because of lets just say extra curricular activities and now am concentrated on my health and the condition of my body I've been as much as 185 but am starting the 1 st day of the rest of my life at 165 I'd like to get around 210. I need some seriously good advice or possibly some one on one help if you have any recommendations I

  2. The trouble with "pause reps"is some people have more fast twitch fibres which make controlled slow movement feel unnatural.I believe training with free weight is a very individual and personnel experience that takes time to find what works best.  

  3. Kevin, you are one lucky bastard haha
    BTW VINCE! I've been doing your other full body workouts for a week now…! I didn't feel ANY difference but my girlfriend saw something different and now she's all over me! 
    Thanks for everything…!

  4. vince one question… why the steep incline? so you hit both the chest and the delts in one exercise instead of two separate exercises? if that is the case ultimately you are trashing every significant muscle except delts and pec major right? 

  5. Vince, would you recommend doing a rest pause, say 10-15 until secs to hit your goal reps if you goal is'nt experiencing tension on the eccentrics and if you don't have a spotter, or def lower the weights? i.e on a strength based workout

  6. if you're saying to go heavier on the warmup set to make the work set feel lighter, isn't that just turning the warmup into an extra work set?

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