21 thoughts on “Yoga for Weight Loss β™₯ Amazing Fat Burning Yoga Workout

  1. I can't watch this because I hate snow hahaha, but I've been doing it the last few days and plan on a while longer… sometimes I do another with it… kicking my butt!! Love love your videos! Great workouts!

  2. Hi! Your voice is so motivating! I'm going to begin doing these for the first time today! I was just wondering if you could also do yoga workouts for women with really bad period cramps? Would be really helpful, thank you!

  3. this is kicking my butt and i'm not even 5 minutes in yikes! like all of us i need to get my body mind and spirit on one accord in this world in which so many people, including our own libidinous nature, want to keep us off balance. people want us to buy their stuff and to feel like we can't live without this or that and our bodies and minds are evolved to constantly seek food attention and shelter etc. keep your mind focused and you can do anything.

  4. I just adore this workout. It is 1000% mine, fits every part of the body. I've been doing it for 1 month now and I was just amazed how almost after 2 weeks of daily practice my body started to follow this workout without difficultes it experienced in the very begining when I could not even finish these 20 minutes without taking a break. Now, after only 1 month of daily practice, i easily follow it and these 20 minutes are already not enough for me and i am upset when it come to an end… It would be so great to have this workout at least 30 minutes long…. Maybe you record one, "updated" with few more excercises for slim legs? )))
    But anyway, love your page and your excercises and the way you generously share all those workouts with us. Thank you and best regards from Moscow!!!

  5. Yesss! This yoga workout is the best!!! I sweating and stretching all at the same time!! This one will for sure be in my regular rotation!! Thank you so much for making high quality content with soul! Namaste!

  6. Beautiful view! good yoga practice rhythm,your instruction your voice are very nice and feel comfortable . Who doesn't like practice yoga with beautiful peaceful nature place.?I wish you have more followers. Appreciate πŸ™β€πŸ˜

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