26 thoughts on “How to Build a Meal Plan for Fat Loss- Gauge Girl Training

  1. this video is very informative and thank you so much for sharing the information. I am pregnant right now and wanted to get back in shape after pregnancy. Will definitely use this as my guide to plan my meal.

  2. Thank you so much for explaining this! You're so clear and the detail to your content helps me understand how things work which helps me stick to my diet better.

  3. Very informative video. I have a question. If I'm currently sedentary, but plan to start working out 3-5x a week. Do I calculate based on being sedentary or based on working out 3-5x a week? Thanks!

  4. omg thank you for going into the formula detail. I've used calculators and they've not helped much. I'm under eating for 4 days of exercise a week. time for food!

  5. Just to clarify for myself, this is for fat loss while still maximizing lean muscle gain? I'm trying to put muscle on which is hard for me while losing or filling in the fatty areas in muscle.

  6. I think it just works for tall people;P…I am 152 cm small with 72 kg weight and my protein and fat intake are bigger than my sedentary level calories bmr level:S

  7. I feel so bloated when I eat too much protein. I love my veggies and I don't eat 'carbs' as in starchy carbs or potatoes. Do these macros mean 'all carbs' as in fruit/veggies and starches or can my carbs be 'mostly from veggies and fruits? I will throw in oatmeal once in a while but rarely. So trying to find a happy place between KETO which didn't work for my needs and 'low carb' which in my case means plenty of veggies but no gluten. Thanks for the clarifications.

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